Hundreds of people have to me about the Prime Minister’s law-breaking and attempts to cover it up. I am pleased to write that thanks to Labour’s motion passing successfully in the House of Commons last week, we should now be able to hold him fully accountable for his behaviour and what appear to be misleading words at best – and lies at worst.

I was really proud of how Labour leader Keir Starmer led for us with his speech and set the tone about this not being for party political point scoring but because values in public life really matter. British people want their politicians to be honest. We will fight for this. Labour MPs made the case brilliantly – you can read the full debate here: Referral of Prime Minister to Committee of Privileges – Hansard – UK Parliament.

It really matters that the Prime Minister respects truth and the rule of law – he has to live by the rules he sets and he has to show that honesty matters. Otherwise, how can anyone trust him? When trust in the Prime Minister is as low as it currently is, there are real risks for democracy and ultimately for our way of life in this country. Labour could not stand by – we took action, we worked hard to make sure we had support from all sides including Tory MPs and as a result our motion passed unanimously and the Prime Minister will now be investigated for lying.

The Prime Minister should have been standing in solidarity with the people of this country through the pain and heartache of the last two years. People sacrificed so much for the greater good: precious time with loved ones, significant personal milestones, comforting friends and family in their final days. And now we know that throughout this difficult time, the Prime Minister and his inner circle were having parties.

On Thursday, MPs were due to vote on whether Boris Johnson should be investigated by the Privileges Committee for his lawbreaking and lies. With an 80-seat majority, the government would usually win such votes easily. But support for the Prime Minister seems to be collapsing. When it came to the vote, the Tories let our motion go through unopposed.

This was a huge victory for Labour. It was the result of months of diligent work and cross-party collaboration. I am proud to have been at the forefront of efforts to enforce these Parliamentary rules, as Shadow Leader of the House. I spoke about this yesterday in Parliament in my weekly speech.

After months of lies, the Prime Minister thought he could give a half-apology and we would all move on and forget about it. I know people across Bristol – and the UK – can see this is not good enough.

Johnson must resign. How can we have people in the highest offices in the country, that cannot stick to laws they themselves made for the rest of us and presented every night on TV? How can we have a leader that blatantly lies to save himself, even though it undermines democracy? How can a Prime Minister lead the country through multiple crises, when his attention is on spinning new excuses?

Every time the Prime Minister lies, or his ministers defend him, our democracy is damaged. Labour Leader Keir Starmer made this point in his excellent speech yesterday.

Please be assured that Labour are on your side. We will keep the pressure on the Prime Minister despite his desperate attempts to deflect attention.

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